Dahlia W. Zaidel. Neuropsychology of Art: Neurological, Cognitive, and Evolutionary Perspectives. Hove, UK: Psychology Press, 2005 (October)

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Approaches to the Neuropsychology of Art
  • Chapter 2: The Effects of Brain Damage in Established Visual Artists
  • Chapter 3: The Eye and Brain in Artist and Viewer: Alterations in Vision & Color Perception
  • Chapter 4: Special Visual Artists: The Effects of Autism & Slow Brain Atrophy on Art
  • Chapter 5: Musical Art and Brain Damage: I. Established Composers
  • Chapter 6: Musical Art and Brain Damage: II. Performing and Listening to Music
  • Chapter 7: Artists and Viewers: Components of Perception and Cognition in Visual Art
  • Chapter 8: Neuropsychological Considerations of Drawing and Seeing Pictures
  • Chapter 9: Beauty, Pleasure, and Emotions: Reactions to Art Works
  • Chapter 10: Human Brain Evolution, Biology and the Early Emergence of Art
  • Chapter 11: Further Considerations in the Neuropsychology of Art
  • Chapter 12: Conclusion and the Future of the Neuropsychology of Art
  • Glossary
  • References
  • Author Index
  • Subject Index

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